A perfect setting is created for Aden Hotel “swahili paradise.” Let Aden Hotel be your sanctuary, located in Arusha town, here you can have a spectacular bird eye view of the Arusha town .

Unwind while watching the Swahili street. Slow down for a while in the restaurant to find your place of wellness.

Aden Hotel beautifully blends modern conveniences with the local simple lifestyle. Come to rest in your private hotel that is reminiscent of a traditional Swahili ‘boma’. Follow your nose to one of our restaurants featuring globally inspired dishes.our staff loves to cook and they therefore know how to please.

Often guests say that the carefully prepared dishes at Aden Hotel were the highlight of their stay. So, after your visit you will understand why our “chakula” dishes have earned great popularity among the locals and expats of Arusha. Karibu sana!”


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